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Originally Posted by LeaD36 View Post
^popular series usually catch up pretty fast
almost all current WSJ titles for example and most Shounen Sunday titles aswell
also the upcoming anime will surely fire up 1 or 2 scanlation groups imo
most manga i read have caught up to the current releases so it sux to wait - gj to the scanlators though
Yes your operative word "popular" this isn't popular and you also only mention weekly manga's, for example Kuroko no Basket only recently caught up, there's a few others in WSJ (not that many these days but they were, and there's a load more in Shounen sunday that typically don't either.) Most monthly manga's aren't caught (heck most aren't anywhere near and may never finish) only really the super popular ones, this is a monthly manga.

Combined with the fact it isn't super popular or even particularily popular you could make money on betting on the fact the scans aren't up to date. The odds are that good.
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