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Shoulder Fired SAM Threat Exploding Over Battlefield Ukraine:

"Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS), otherwise known as shoulder
fired heat-seeking surface-to-air missiles, have become prevalent among
pro-Russian forces fighting in Ukraine, and their results have been grimly realized
over the last few weeks of fighting.

A Ukrainian AN-30 twin-turboprop surveillance aircraft was supposedly on a
reconnaissance and intelligence collecting mission high over Slavyansk when it
was engaged by a shoulder-fired SAM. The missile detonated near the aircraft's
right engine, setting it aflame. Luckily the crew had time to bail out of the aircraft
before it struck the ground and blew up."



Back to the future: Pro-Russian separatists take WWII-era tank from memorial
to ‘engage in combat’:

"Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine are going back to the future — with a World
War II-era tank taken from a memorial.

“Our craftsmen have managed to start the engine of the IS-3 tank displayed on a
platform in the park. The tank is being prepared and will engage in the combat
soon,” the press service of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a unrecognized sect of
Ukraine, reportedly told Russian news agency Interfax."



Russian, NATO Arms Race Takes Shape:

"The crisis in Ukraine is continuing to spur increased military efforts by both Russia
and NATO’s Eastern European member states, with the former recently adding to
its procurement list, and countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania
and Latvia unveiling plans to expand their defense budgets.

In a move designed to bolster regional security, US President Barack Obama
expressed support to Eastern European allies and announced a new initiative to
increase US military presence in the region during his June 3-4 official visit to

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