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Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
^ there are "happy ends" + - you usual screwing around there is a list of the ends on wiki...

no no and no! he doesnt deserve it
Nope he does NOT deserve it at all

Originally Posted by Aceywacey View Post
My prediction is going to be a Sekai ending but after as much drama as they can squeeze.

It's going to work like this:

- Makoto & Sekai continue to cheat
- Kotonoha eventually finds out about it. Uso!
- Kotonoha confronts Sekai. You don't really like him!
- Sekai: ... I like him
- Kotonoha: How could you! I trusted you! *slap!!*
- Kotonoha fights back by using her considerably greater womanly charms to tempt Makoto. Makoto being in character will succumb to said charms and sleep with her
- Kotonoha flaunts it in Sekai's face. Take that b*tch!
- Sekai hurt badly and depressed
- Otome finds out Kotonoha going out and sleeping with Makoto! Bullying now overdrive!!!!
- Kotonoha: QQ!
- Makoto realises he does not love Kotonoha and tries to get back with Sekai
- Much drama with Makoto trying to get back with Sekai!
- Makoto makes up with Sekai due to anime magic (KGNE stylez!)
- Makoto breaks up with Kotonoha
- Kotonoha much depressed! On top of that, still being bullied!
- Kotonoha attempts suicide!
- Since the anime writers won't let her die though, maybe they will make Makoto stop her just in time
- Makoto somehow stops the bullying.
- Makoto "just friends" speech with Kotonoha
- Makoto happily ever after with Sekai

Let's see what happens!
Hmm i hate happy endings (i mean for this anime exclusivley), but this kinda sounds like a possible ending
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