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Originally Posted by MooMooFarm View Post
I read half of this manga for S1, then the anime came out and I decided I'd watch the anime first so I don't lose interest in it. Then I just found myself not doing anything with it. So can I get a opinion on how well the anime is, or should I just manga the rest of it? Comparisons are good if you can talk about other series and their anime/manga parts.

I'm scared I might forget about this series entirely, but I can't bring myself to watch the anime at the moment, since the first episode seemed kind of gimp. Maybe it's because I'm already spoiled by the manga? I dunno. I hate these things. =/
you should watch the anime, but if you read the manga first you may get dissapointed, because it didn't exactly follow the main plot, but its still good, especially if you like fanservice......

and even i you do get dissapointed because some of its different, it still couldn't hurt to watch...

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