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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Diavolo suffers the worst fate out of any Jojo antagonists. Sentenced to die over and over again in different ways for all eternity. Kars being stranded in space is cute in comparison.
Diavolo and Toguro brother who Kurama owned in YuYu hakusho both got this fate. I honestly don't even think Diavolo deserves this, at least not as much as Kira...

Diavolo as $hitty as he was he was still playing the mob boss game (kill or be killed)...Kira vaporizing innocents from existence for a docile everyday life deserved this even more than being ripped apart for ghost parts...

As for the finale, overall pretty good, although it did end three weeks ago lol...This for 3 weeks of waiting doesn't compute but still enjoyable...

I enjoyed the hell outta part 5 but at the end of the day it's nowhere close to as good as part 4...

I guess I get why this is Japan's favorite version (because its sooo not japanese at all and Italian fashion at the time), but if people just deadass think this is better than part 4 I gotta question ya like Abbaccio in uniform.

Part 5 was a supped up Part 3 with a worse villain, but the character interactions, awesome collection of antagonist stand users (Mostly Risotto's gang), and more lore than most other parts (stuff with arrows) makes it well worth it!
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