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Originally Posted by Mad Pierrot View Post
I don't know how to handle the comparisons between Part 3 and 5. I mean, Part 3 felt like a typical video game where almost every episode Jotaro and somebody encountered a Stand user like nothing as if they were waiting for the next guy to show up while Dio just waited in the same place for 47 episodes like nothing. Avdol was somehow taken out of the plot and then brought back for no reason why Kakyoin got more history about him when he was about to die.

In contrast, while Part 5 focused a lot on flashbacks it helped to make us understand the reasons why some of the main characters didn't get along that well with Giorno and Abbachio going down took a big impact. Then again, I'm not saying Part 5 is that better than Part 3. I mean they kept using a turtle as transport while Dioppo and Diavolo's chemistry was not that well explored.
I do think nostalgia has a lot to do with it...I know this was the first part to get traction in the states. As a kid I saw it on my stepdad's old $hitty VHS and even then was captivated by Dio "The World" stuff. Until my mid-20s I had no clue Jojo was anything but part 3 ... Then i went back watched/read most of it...

Part 3 is super-iconic so I think its a good thing to be compared, but I'm talking mostly in design...

"Group of friends, cohorts, travel far distances to find main baddie as his Stand user posse gets in their way..." Its a more straight-forward team vs team setup...All the great backstory and motivations for characters (which for some reason Giorno doesn't get enough of in the finale episode) is why i say its a "supped-up" version...

But 5 also doesn't come without its problems...morso than any other part (except for 8 which i haven't read yet) it seems like Araki gave up on various plot threads or certain setups... 5 is riddled with WTF which i think you judge more harshly since part 3 was to be enjoyed as a video game setup...
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