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Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post
But 5 also doesn't come without its problems...morso than any other part (except for 8 which i haven't read yet) it seems like Araki gave up on various plot threads or certain setups... 5 is riddled with WTF which i think you judge more harshly since part 3 was to be enjoyed as a video game setup...
It really is weird that Giorno's damage deflection powers got dropped as soon as they were introduced. I mean, Gold Experience Requiem's utter negation of attacks kind of feels like an evolution of the power, but it just... would have felt more coherent if it had been a power he'd made use of throughout the series instead of literally only using it in his first fight and then forgetting about it until he gets a new version of it at the end.

Also Fugo... though I hear that was more due to Araki thinking his original plan of having him turn treacherous being ultimately too depressing in a story that was already getting really dark...

And of course, Diavolo's antichrist-like backstory which never got any elaboration or explanation whatsoever...
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