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Originally Posted by Vegard Aune View Post
It really is weird that Giorno's damage deflection powers got dropped as soon as they were introduced. I mean, Gold Experience Requiem's utter negation of attacks kind of feels like an evolution of the power, but it just... would have felt more coherent if it had been a power he'd made use of throughout the series instead of literally only using it in his first fight and then forgetting about it until he gets a new version of it at the end.

Also Fugo... though I hear that was more due to Araki thinking his original plan of having him turn treacherous being ultimately too depressing in a story that was already getting really dark...

And of course, Diavolo's antichrist-like backstory which never got any elaboration or explanation whatsoever...
One thing that truly has me cackling is the fact Diavolo's whole early setup is that he doesn't wear clothes. He just lies in his office with a burlap bag or wrap over his body I would love to know Araki's original intention with that because he clearly dropped it and nowhere else in the show from Diavolos flashbacks or anything points at why he would be naked wearing a sack like an invalid or something...

Again I don't mean to nitpick as I enjoyed so much of this show, but yeah the Diavolo baby stuff too... I have to go back and re-watch it but I remember not being satisfied at all with that. There was something about him having his mom or the other baby under the floor boards that confused me.

Nevertheless Giorno's power evolves so much in just a few days. Him punching humans are supposed to make their inner senses go berserk but because we gotta make him like Dio he just hurts people with mudamuda punches now. He can now sense life (lmao) by touching objects and like you said GER just breaks your stand and he doesn't even really know why as he states.

Compare that to all the pettiness yet skillfulness and wit that Josuke had to use to finally get upperhand on Kira in the end, its not as fulfilling despite being visually epic...There was none of that classic one-upsmenship wit you find in most final boss Jojo fights (Just one-sided Diavolo delusions of grandeur)...

Honestly when i truly think about it my fav Giorno fight is vs. Babyface...I enjoyed the wit, the terror, the WTFness and the dialogue more than Diavolo because he got pwn so easily...To me Risotto's gang fight early arcs were the most memorable and exciting.

I was also holding out hope for Fugo to return but when my boy Narancia got dealt with and they showed aerosmith's shadow over Fugo walking near restaurant i knew we wouldn't see him again. So Purple Haze was just too OP, huh?
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