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Originally Posted by mangamuscle View Post
Maybe it is because where I live for many years cartel bosses get killed or jailed quite often but the situation never improves, I can't see the ending of part 5 as "good guys win". Yeah, Diavolo was nefarious, but by the looks of it he was not very efficient as a leader of the criminal organization (seems he was not aware of Polpo creating stand users and never investigated him). Giorno is but a teenager that was pickpocketing tourists a few weeks ago and now he is a top mafia boss, I can't see a scenario where money and power do not go to his head. Even Mista didn't looked happy in his "coronation" scene.

So the only people besides Giorno that profited from this adventure was Trish but only if she kept her life, Giorno might get wary of any stand users not under his control IMO.
Diavolo knew about Polpo. I don't know why you'd think otherwise. He's in fact the one who gave him the arrow in order to create stand users and strengthen his organization, remember Diavolo is the one who dug the arrows out.
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