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Originally Posted by mangamuscle View Post
I do not remember there was a mention in any of the 39 episodes of Diavolo giving Polpo the arrow or any scene where Polpo received orders from him, we do not even know if Diavolo recruited Polpo (who might have had a Stand since childhood) or if he was already part of the organization when Diavolo took over. If Diavolo knew that the arrow could create stand users IMO it would have been more logical to keep it for himself (just like Giorno did). What we got to see is Polpo creating stand users at will without any kind of authorization and the only reason IMO to have that many pooled together under his command is to sooner or later try to take on Diavolo.
It wasn't shown, that's just the logical conclusion. There were never any hints that Polpo intended to betray Diavolo. Diavolo also never expressed any surprise that so many members were stand users. Diavolo is the guy who cut two of the members of Risotto's squad into little pieces just because they tried to investigate his identity. Not to mention what happened with Polnareff. Do you really think Polpo would have been able to fool him and his vast network?
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