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I have never run into an issue with a recent version of VLC playing anime (and I almost exclusively use MKVs with sofstsubs). The only concrete example anyone has ever managed to give me of a recent VLC version doing something wrong with subtitles that Mplayer doesn't was mentioned in this thread, and that is only an issue if you want to use OpenGL video output (and even then I can't reproduce the issue, so I'm rather dubious as to whether the version of VLC on which this issue existed was recent...). And this bloat does not concern me in a world where even standard low-end laptop hard drive sizes are greater than 200GB. Also, I'm not sure where you're getting this 100MB size from. VLC is 50MB, even before getting Xslimmed.
The opengl driver problem was from 0.9.8a so yes. It's a problem in a recent version.
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