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Originally Posted by pigoz View Post
perian and VLC fail utterly. Just use mplayer extended which has a very recent build of mplayer. On *nix mplayer is the best thing you can get.
Perian is still better than VLC in most cases, although I occasionally run into some files that I can't play using Perian (very rarely) and so I use VLC or Mplayer in those cases.

Also, Mplayer, at least in my experience, eats up a ridiculous amount of RAM, something which Perian does not do. And as this poster stated:

Originally Posted by chikorita157 View Post
Also, the main reason that MKV take a long time to load in Quicktime because there is a limitation since Quicktime does not natively support MKV format, but the load time is like 10-30 seconds, which isn't that bad unless you are impatient. I still use Quicktime and Perian as my main player... simply because it's more convenient.
All and all, I prefer Perian + Niceplayer. It's ssimple and reliable, and thats all that I need.
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