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Originally Posted by Proudleaf View Post
Perian is still better than VLC in most cases, although I occasionally run into some files that I can't play using Perian (very rarely) and so I use VLC or Mplayer in those cases.

Also, Mplayer, at least in my experience, eats up a ridiculous amount of RAM, something which Perian does not do. And as this poster stated:

All and all, I prefer Perian + Niceplayer. It's ssimple and reliable, and thats all that I need.
I decided to test this for myself and here are the results. I opened the same video file, and have both of them played in the background. After 7 minutes, I took a screenshot of the Activity Monitor. Here are my results

It looked as if mplayer is using less, but if you combine MPlayer OS X Extended with the mplayer window, it uses more memory than just using Quicktime to play the video. Too bad Perian doesn't have full support for ASS (such as special font effects like fading, etc.)

After 21 minutes, I noticed that MPlayer Window memory usage skyrocketed to around 74 MB of memory. I guess Discerptor was right on mplayer having a big memory leak... but I wouldn't agree on using VLC though...

Edit: Placed it in a graph so it's easier to interpret the results
Spoiler for graph:

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