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Originally Posted by YoakeNoHikari View Post
lol, Infinite Bullet Storm was just something I made because it sounds a lot cooler than whatever was in there earlier.

Something like power bullet storm.

But yeah, Infinite Bullet Storm was genius.

And, sorry for the slower translations. I've been playing F/SN again.

I don't know why, when I have so many other things to play.

Polymerization: Infinite Bullet Storm + F/SN = Unlimited Bullet Works.

A little wacky, but do you want me to take over HnA for you in case you finally decide to do Baka Test Vol 5?

And very off-topic

Have you dropped out of TAMnI?
Ans: Vols 4 and 6 (both complete) to be updated together by latest 15 June. Volume 6 is completed, at least.
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