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Originally Posted by Tempester View Post
So after this announcement, Hidamari Sketch is almost guaranteed to run longer than both Aria and Natsume Yuujinchou, if you count OVA and specials.

I haven't even started this series (the first season is stuck in my backlog), and I've got what looks to be 58 or 59 episodes of slice-of-life goodness from Hidamari Sketch to see. I still have to start watching Natsume S2 and Ikoku Meiro no Crosee, and Tamayura ~hitotose~ is airing soon. I'm glad that I have no shortage at all of slice-of-life to see.
Actually, you really don't need to start with Season 1; you can pick it up from almost any point and follow it. Hell, the seasons themselves aren't in chronological order-- not to screw with you (I'm looking at you, Haruhi), but just because it doesn't really matter. Relax and go with the flow...

At least we have Vol6 of the manga coming out in late June to hold us over.
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