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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
I agree that more skilled, intelligent, and hard working should be rewarded.
But isn't the higher income not already the said reward? The tax favortism seems to be simply compiling the problem.
Of course, the above question isn't directed to you, or even the GOP. It's to the supporters who are blinded by their own treatment.
Ideally yes. But in creating a society that rewards hard work, skill and intelligence, we should swing so far as to look down on those who are less fortunate, which is what I'm seeing among the wealthy of today, who unlike yesterday are more "self made".

We shouldn't look down on the less fortunate, because we don't know how they came to be there.

Also, some of us are jus less lucky, those of us who are born with a natural skill for art, or athleticism are never going to be as fortunate as those with a natural skill for picking stocks...

@Monarchy: The idea that an office should be passed down from father to son is inherently backwards. A political office should never be limitted to a particular family, even if it's largely ceremonial. Let's not forget that that "ceremonial" office comes with it tremendous wealth...

What I will say is that when we're talking about the transition from monarchy to democracy, the constitutional monarchy route probably is a better route then the "revolution" one, a much moe stable functional state results. That's one reason why the Middle Eastern monachies are largely better managed then the republics. The excesses of revolution always sets things back.

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