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Obama blocks Chinese wind farms in Oregon over national security
I wonder if the GOP might find a way to spin this...

Republicans dump voter registration firm after fraud reports
Election officials in Florida were scouring their records for fraudulent voter registration forms on Friday after the Republican party said it had fired a company hired to gather new voters because of reports its employees may have submitted bogus forms.
The Palm Beach County elections office first reported finding 106 potentially fraudulent registration forms earlier this week that had been submitted by Strategic Allied Consulting (SAC), a Virginia firm hired by Florida's Republican party.
Since then scores more suspicious forms have been detected in at least five other Florida counties where election officials say SAC worked to register voters.
Federal Election Commission reports from the state Republican party show it paid SAC more than $1.3 million this summer for voter registration services.
SAC was also hired to do voter registration work for the Republican party in four other key swing states - Nevada, Virginia, Colorado, and North Carolina - for a total of $2.9 million, according to the Republican National Committee (RNC).
This is kind of interesting...
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