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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
So I now think Romney can be presidential, but only if he was free to say what he truly believed. What's the chance of Romney being frank in the debates?
Would really depend on what his frank opinions are but if his opinions are borderline evil as you suggest, then it is likely if Romney were perfectly frank he would alienate a large chunk of his voting base and thus jeopardise his chances of winning. Romney is an intelligent man and if he knew his true believes would win votes he would voice them. The fact he is not suggests he is aware that speaking the truth is political suicide. This concious decision to not be frank about his true thoughts would explain why Romney seemingly acts timid, wooden and unpresidential as he is acting out a persona that does not reflect his true character. It is a dilemma and one that puts him at a disadvantage to Obama.
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