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Originally Posted by Vmem View Post
so essentially, whether SAO becomes a "light" novel or just a regular novel in English would depend entirely on word choice and writing style of the translating team/company?
SAO will be considered a Light Novel in English regardless of anything because it's by a Light Novel Publication in the first place, which in this case is Dengeki Bunko -_-

Originally Posted by Darkonus View Post
Still don't understand why don't these book publishers in Japan put out copy's in English too. Especially for SAO it has a large following in NA too, you think they would want to release a version for us too.
The thing about English readers... If they want to read, they'll pick up a proper novel; if they want to see pictures, they'll get a manga. There's very little market for Light Novels and that is the common stance I keep hearing on it.

You'll have better luck getting it translated in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French etc. before you'll see it in English.
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