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This was an okay episode. Sena was like a rabid dog more than usual with Kobato, which I'm not sure why they did that. It seemed a little much too over the top this time.

This was a Yozora episode, but I'm not sure if it helped her image or not. She did grow a little by the end, thanks to Sena of course, but her scheming and selfish demeanor did not help. And yes, she did the running away and crying this episode when Sena pretty much set her straight (role semi-reversed). Sena was absolutely right in what she said, and she was very mature with authority in that scene. She was not playing any pranks or tried to demean Yozora. She stood up to her and said what needed to be said, something that Kodoka is incapable of doing to anyone besides Kobato.

Btw, what was Rika upset about in the beginning of the episode?
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