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wow omg, yozora continue her quest to being the "worst" first/main girl in a harem anime/LN, and kodaka his quest to be the king of the kings in being the most Dense main Guy in anime/LN/manga, i'm start to believe if a girl declar to him loud he just gonna pretend who not was with him or just ignore, men on the start i really liked this anime, is really fun but that things start to annoyning me too much this was the first herem who i not cheered for the first/main girl, i see sena being 1000000% better than yozora, she is the only character who not progresses or her progress is the worst like she up learn 10% and unlearn 20%, while even yukimura sense have some progress, i'm really start to hate yozora too much, i never see a writer make the main girl being so to annoyning in all my animes/manga harem lifes who i read

in othe hand kodaka dense turn him in one of the worse Mc who i already see, i see he almost like yozora, he even is a lier(he promissed pegasus do not let any one anymore bulling sena but he still keep yozora does all her prankts on sena), wtf this guy, if him dont like any of the girls then why he keep getting along with then?, i'm start to believe who both kodaka and yozora deservs each other due to being so annoyning couple,

well about the chapter
of all kodakas dates this is was the worst i see, she come with that "cloth" and bring him to watch a "porn" movie O.o

yozora being a total selfish only try to write the script only to be close to kodaka and giving very bad roles to the others members and when the group asked her to change the script she even made this worts just to be close to kodaka, omg how this girl still have "fans"?(normally i like the main girls but until now for me is almost impossible to like her character with her very bad personality, serious say me what this girl have good in her personalitly), then sena finally shined and showed to this bitch a few from her own taste, on how is bed being a totally weird.

i give 10 for the fun and for the end.
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