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Originally Posted by Animeruko View Post

I figured I'd make this thread to share my works and progress as a beginner. Keep in mind I am not an artist, I have no real artistic sense I cant even draw for a matter of fact and i'm pretty stubborn, but i hope that by doing these i will eventually develop art skills and become capable of doing my own art designs and drawings.
Yay, first reply!

Welcome to Fan Creations, colleague,
looking forward to your traces. So far, they look very nice. Personally, I admire everyone who has the patience to do this.

I would go mad from the frustration. Line after line, curve after curve...just thinking about it gives me a headache!

Anyway, I hope to see more of your traces when the time comes!

*sending cookies*

Originally Posted by Animeruko View Post
San Seto.
Second "complete" Vector.
Oh and btw, love this one the most. ^^
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