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In no order (except Mononoke Hime, which is my number 1)

Mononoke Hime (no questions, hands down, a work of art)
Cowboy Bebop + Knockin on Heaven's Door (a classic)
Full Metal Panic- Season 1 + Fumoffu (Funny or amazing beyond belief)
Noir (OST and action kept me drooling)
Scrapped Princess (plot and theme unlike anything I've ever seen b4 in anime)

In close second:

Now and Then, Here and There (Incredibly powerful, but too disturbing)
Kimi Ga Nozumo Eien (It's a bishoujo, what can I say?)
Read or Die the OVA (Haven't watched the series yet, but OVA was terrific. Too short and too many questions to be in top 5)

I may have eclectic tastes, but I stay afloat. I'll watch anything, but I guess I'm partial to the more realistic or artsy actions films (no shounen for me!)
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