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Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
IMHO, If you feel there's something in the image that displeases you, all you need to do is change it.
I've been trying to replicate the original as best i can in my vectors, ill have to keep that in mind though lol.. its actually hit me that i could probably use a radial gradient for the highlights and solve the problem ill have to try it the nextime i fireup Inkscape.

Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Do you have an example of this you can show me? English sometimes fails me, and I may be misunderstanding your comment here.
No real examples it may just be something that i personally think is wrong. It might actually only apply to anime that uses poor shading (like 2-3 shades), since usually Airbrushed art dosnt have any issues.

Since i use Inkscape it doesnt have an Airbrush tool and while i can use gradients .. its ocmplicated to use them on abnormal shapes like when i open up my Rui file inkscape blows up because i have to use interpolated gradients and it just causes inkscape to crash(those gradients on her are like 200 strokes each its crazy). Only thing i can think of would be taking 2 images of say 7000x7000 resolution one being airburshed and one using the standard 2shade coloring and compare them.

There are other thigns beyond coloring too like lines ... Anime doesnt use sharp lines at all and in high resolution it looks bad .. while its easier to fix than colors .. it is another issue that becomes more appearent as the resolution increases. If you look at anime even shows animated in 720P (there are no 1080P anime that i know of) still dont use sharp lines and are still limited to 2 or 3 shades.

You know now that i think of it i may just be talking nonsence because i really don't know anyhitng lol....

Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Have you checked Satsumaru's thread? He's doing this sort of thing at the moment, and I think he's actually quite skilled.
I just took a look, Its not quite what i want to do but his are definitly amazing. I'll be tracking his progress O_O

Originally Posted by lv23 View Post
Ellis! You're my hero! Your work is STILL absolutely wonderful. ^_^
Thanks !! I actually have another Ellis one but its of her from the back with no clothes ... I made it to test making Vectors from multiple images(yes it was an epic endevor for me X_X). Preparation for making Gabriel from Macademi Wasshoi...

I do have some other expressions of Ellis i may Vector though so.. XD

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