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The purpose of this thread is to discuss the setting for Valkyria Chronicles. You can feel free to discuss the different aspects of the setting, from the countries involved, to the current conflict, to the military organizations and so on. Anything technology or hardware related should go in the Weapons and Technology thread.

In particular, I get the feeling that there can be spoilers lurking in some of the background material, so please use those spoiler tags!

Thread Guidelines
  • If required, please use spoiler tags (with appropriate titles) if your comments are based on the latest episode raws (or any non-anime source).
    [spoiler=episode number]Don't forget to use a title for the spoiler![/spoiler]
    Please include the episode number or some such title in the spoiler tag (spoiler=episode number) since it at least helps others to identify if they may or may not have seen that particular episode. A spoiler without such a title is almost as bad as no spoiler since the temptation not to click is so difficult

  • Please keep discussion about plot and storylines in the relevant Episode Discussion threads, not here.

  • Be polite to your fellow forum members and try and keep the discussion on topic and above all, enjoy.



Principality of Gallia

The Principality of Gallia, located in between the Atlantic Federation to the West and the Eastern Europan Imperial Alliance to the east, is known for its neutrality with the policy of universal conscription among its nationals to serve in the Gallian military and its richness in ragnite ore.

Its capital is located in Randgriz, with the government being led by a Prime Minister and the throne being led by the House of Randgriz. Its currency is the ducat.

East European Imperial Alliance

A union nations in the eastern regions of the Europan continent under the East Europan Emperor. It is known by all informally as "the Empire".

Its origin is traced back to the Industrial Revolution, when ragnite was harnessed as an energy source which resulted in the creation of many east Europan nations. There are, however, joined by a network of marriages among their royalty.

The Empire holds customs dating back from medieval times, including a strong hatred for the Darcsen people for the "Darcsen Calamity".

Atlantic Federation

A union of West Europan democracies created during the Industrial Revolution, they are known informally as "the Federation".

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution and with the discovery of ragnite, many west Europan countries underwent many revolutions that resulted in the creation of democratic states. A Councilor is the head of the Federation, though there are rare agreements with the Federation's members.

It is rumored that alliances were gained by blackmail and secret agreements.

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