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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post

Interesting; that'd be about 4 divisions or so. Are the figures for before or after calling up the Militia?
Not sure on the figures if they're before or after the militia. It's too vague. Sega wasn't clear on this.

Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
That doesn't make any sense. How can a country be faced with invasion against a superior foe who is quite successful and still be content to resort to volunteer forces. Such a conflict can only go two ways - if the invasion is broadly successful, then Gallia should be in a panic, trying to muster as many soldiers in the field as possible. This obviously hasn't happened, and the Gallian military is actually quite lacksidasical - which would mean that all of the Imperial attacks have stalled or have been sent into retreat. This would seem to be the case except that the narrative would have to be that Maximillian is an incapable commander.

If there was such a strong current of segregation, then how do the Regulars replenish their losses?
I guess it is a good question. Cutscenes in the game and the anime do show hatred betweeen the regs and the militiamen/women. Most likely it stalled for some time since Maxie boy wants to claim Randgriz without destroying it.

Another good question is how the regs replenish their ranks. Not sure how I can answer that.

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