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Since it's specific to a character and may come up many times, I thought I'd post here. This is referring to this post:
Originally Posted by Quoting the relevant bit
Note that the word she uses for "you" is not the usual "omae/anta/anata", but "kisama", which is not only considered rude, it's used to show contempt for the person you're addressing.
Normally, it would be rare in the extreme for girls to use "kisama" (generally seen by high strung "ojou-sama" types) but my impression is that Yui's speaking style is par for the course in Japanese military. I dunno how it is in Muv-luv universe but AFAIK in WW2 Japanese military this would definitely be what you'd see. We dont see Yui talking to any other 'underlings' yet but my guess would be she'd used 'kisama' too.

For reference: the red-coat squad leader for eps 1-2 uses 'kisama' when addressing the girls.
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