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There's a really long tl;dr article by a retired US Army officer on the subject of women in combat, at which he notes that there are certain drawbacks to having women in the combat arms, particularly the infantry (leg and mechanised) and artillery, simply due to physical constraints (women are physically weaker than men, fact) and the fact that most women don't choose the combat arms in the first place. That said, if the Army was serious about having women in the combat arms it could do so - not painlessly, but it would be quite possible.

At the same time, you do see more women as pilots, sailors, what have you, in skills that rely to a certain degree more on brainpower and kinesthetic sense, so I wouldn't say that having elements and flights composed of girls is too far out.

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Since it's specific to a character and may come up many times, I thought I'd post here. This is referring to this post:

Normally, it would be rare in the extreme for girls to use "kisama" (generally seen by high strung "ojou-sama" types) but my impression is that Yui's speaking style is par for the course in Japanese military. I dunno how it is in Muv-luv universe but AFAIK in WW2 Japanese military this would definitely be what you'd see. We dont see Yui talking to any other 'underlings' yet but my guess would be she'd used 'kisama' too.

For reference: the red-coat squad leader for eps 1-2 uses 'kisama' when addressing the girls.
That might be their cultural mores, but it's still rude, y'know. And she's still a bitch towards Yuuya, while Yuuya is being an ass towards her.
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