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Originally Posted by Vexx
Yes, it was a farce but not in the way I think you thought. And... it may be that objectively, those people are really that dim. Much of the human race is really not very bright or at least lazy about thinking.
This is tricky, because on one hand I am a subjectivist and do think that any piece of substance in art can robustly accomodate multiple viewpoints. On the other hand, I have a deep, searing, explosive hatred/dislike/annoyance-susceptibility to those who express really stupid ideas. So the two conflicting imperatives do cause some dissonance in me sometimes.. but I don't think it's a paradox or a contradiction (as the Japanese like to simplify it to). I do think the subjective world is right, and my anger at fucktards are a manifestation of my ego, my arrogance, my not stopping to think deeper.

In fact, I'm really fine with people thinking SuzuHaru is shit. I'm just not fine with people continually coming in here just to say SuzuHaru is shit and then continually plug some other series.. Annoying.

With regards to the posts about the economic reality of anime like SuzuHaru.. I seriously think that it is far too cynical to think that the #1, or the sole essence of anime is to generate profit. Sure, if they don't make money they will be cancelled, and people will lose their jobs. Money is crucial to sustain any sort of production or viewing of anime.

But just because breathing and eating are similarly crucial for us humans to conduct any sort of meaningful activity, doesn't mean that life is all about breathing and eating.

I think that what you guys consider the so-called periphery factors like artisticness, meaningfulness, enjoyability.. etc. are all integral parts of the anime industry as a whole. Sure, I'll grant you that in Japan, the companies seriously milk Otakus dry.. it's shameless, and almost sad. As a result, females always feature on the covers of merchandise like DVDs, manga tankubons, posters etc, while the main male character is supposedly the most important character of their various animations. Just look at Tsuyokiss, Tsukihime, AIR, SuzuHaru, and so forth. If you were extremely cynical, you'd think that the male character was but a foil to allow the expansion, development and action of the female characters...

Regardless, I think despite this commercialistic drive in anime, there is real heart, and real art within it. Especially from the works of Hayao Miyazaki of Ghibli.. or that of Mamoru Oshii's works. No one would deny the importance of the plot to AIR, or that it meant very much to many of its viewers. There is also always the underground world of doujin that holds some very precious gems, like that of Yoshitoshi ABe.. In all, I think even the creators of anime, manga or novels, while watchful and noting of the need to attract a sustainable fanbase, want to insert some meaningful piece of themselves into their works.. and out into the world.
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