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Originally Posted by C.A.
If you ever fast forward an episode of Haruhi it means you've understood less than half of the show itself.
I was just pissed off at this tactless and condescending comment and went off on a tangent. Apparently Haruhi's doing well economically. I know the anime industry is robust in Japan. I wonder how well this series will age though. Fads do come and go, and it can be hard to tell what is one and what's not.

I said the series overall was all right, but a few eps I thought were poor. With some of the fanaticism I see around here, I suspect some people would defend an ep of watching paint dry. After all, some people would try to justify that as a legitimate expression of art. It's bogus for ppl like me. What I meant about bringing economics into it is...Haruhi could get away with eps like ep1 and the heater ep because the rest of the series could make up for it. No matter how ppl try to justify things like those eps artistically, a lot of ppl find them boring or confusing, and if that keeps up in a series then where will be trouble.

Anyway voicing reasoned dissent shouldn't be grounds for shooing someone out of a discussion. It's not explicitly a fan club.
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