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an update!

*clears throat*

E2's been working on a fan made OVA project for almost an year now. And we're glad to announce the the first part is ready for release.

E2 Pictures OVA project - Part One.
"The path of Animator"
"A forgotten warrior wants to prove himself to the world once again."

Genre: Thriller
Plot: The life of the one and only Rekir on his way to become the best martial artists in the MtoS league. But for that he must defeat the evil twin brothers that go by the name of EENI.

Rekir -- David Atrakchi
Moicse E.E.N.I. -- David Kammenos
Spe E.E.N.I. -- Yann Sundberg
Referee Ecalos -- Silvio Simac
Anik -- Igor Koumpan
Aniram -- Natalya Kodukova
Narrator -- Alex Kobold

Language: English with Slovenian and Finnish soft subs.
Runtime: 30 minutes.
Format: 720p (H264+AAC)

First part of two part series. Second part due to 2010 release. (Don't worry they're individual stories so you don't have to wait a year or so for the conclusion.)

Download link: (a bit more than 350mb -- if you have the time to download it, you won't be disappointed)

real thread update coming soon
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