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Originally Posted by problemedchild View Post
Hopefully his track record continues with this game.

Can't help it but feel skeptical though, feels like marketing gimmick to sell more figmas and figurines.
Exactly, i mean, hatsune miku sings on their soundtrack, right? That is a dead giveaway black rock shooter as a whole is a money gimmick. Don`t get me wrong the graphics are awesome, the anime looks sharp too. The story line seems a bit lazy though (i have only seen the OVA). They kind of just want to attract both guys and girls, so they put a "touching sensitive" story line and combined that with epic dueling throughout a chamber that YOU KNOW is a map for the game.
Despite all this, i really can`t help but want a white rock shooter figurine, its such eye candy <3 *__*
This is all just my opinion though
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