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Because he knew Margery or Shana or Whilhelmina could fix everything no problem. It has happened BEFORE.
While personally I agree with you that people should only think rationally and discard their feelings, since anything that is not rational thinking only hampers the further development of humanity[/sarcasm], you have to understand that the characters are modeled after actual humans, and as such seeing pseudo simulations of your dearest other one being killed in front of you is not an experience many people would like to see more than... zero times.

This series thjeme has always been about the interaction of both humans and the extra-terrestial beings of Guze interacting and growing relationships with each other, each one bringing their own emotional baggage into this interaction while trying to understand each other. Humans acting like humans (with everything that that statement implies) is what one would expect from this series instead of characters acting like something that one woulld expect from a shounen manga.
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