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I was going to give this episode an 8, but I couldn't give it any higher than a 7. Yoshida's whining has taken me over the edge. Just use that hougo Kazumi. Use it and it'll all be over quickly and painlessly. That's a good girl. **strokes Yoshida's head gently** That's a good girl.

In other seemingly related news, Yuuji is doing what appears to be something (zomgplotexplosion!). Blutsauger, blah blah blah, getting stronger, etc. etc. Imagine the previous training sessions, only Yuji has lethality now... YAY for lethality!

Over in the interesting characters camp, Wilhelmina... did pretty much nothing this episode. Your irrefutable cuteness alone can't keep you on the screen Carmel-san (Who am I kidding? Hell yes it can). Margery Daw lost one of her cohorts. I don't know how she can possibly carry on without Tanaka(?). I mean, he was practically the backbone of her power in battle. Looks like she's doomed.

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom's Bel Peol's HQ, things are certainly stirring up. Silver specifically. Hecanoe is just as cute as ever. I just want to pick up and squeeze her and her little hat and hope that she won't own me with her rod of doom. Scientist man is back, along with DOMIIIINOOOO! This alone got episode 16 an extra 3 points out of me. That guy is awesome.

16 wasn't action packed, but at the same time you can't call it slice-of-life either. Nor can you say that it fits between the two. This episode belongs in some kind of strange episode limbo that righteous but non-believing episodes go to when they pass on. It was a sub-par episode by season 1's standards, but a godly episode by season 2's. Keep em coming J.C. Staff.

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