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Originally Posted by Kinny Riddle View Post
Those of you who upon hearing Yoshida might die and gloated about her needing to die quickly need to cut her some slack. How would you feel being told to your face that you have no chance in a love triangle and so you're better off dead?

For the record, I can be counted as a Yuji x Shana shipper, but I do not dislike Yoshida.
Bravo. My sentiments exactly. It's been quite tiresome to read post after post of forumers declaring their undying hatred for a character that doesn't deserve all that.

To be honest, I've just finished the episode, and I don't get the deal with the discussion on Eita. He hardly appeared in the episode, save to stop before Satou's house, hesitating then turning back the way he came. The talk should come in the next episode, though, because it will be nice to see how he has been affected by all this in greater depth and how this affects his relationship with Satou and Margery, now that Ogata and him are more or less secure.

No action, despite the exciting OP animation. It's nice to see that Yuuji finally has the strength to back up what he wants to do. There's not one ounce of 'wimp' in him as far as I can tell in this episode. He didn't cower or hesitate, but instead requested for Blutsauger to make himself stronger. Admirable, and this episode coupled with the previous one seemed to magnify his ability to deal with and recover from unexpected and shocking revelations, a trait shown in lesser magnitude in Season 1.

As for Kazumi...I will agree that she is slightly irritating, but that's understandable as she is feeling left out and perhaps even slightly desperate for the slightest chance she can get to be able to be with Yuuji. Her reluctant acceptance of the method to do that from Pheles is an indication, and I have her feeling she may yet have a big part to play in the events that will unfold with what is to become of Yuuji.

Good episode, but not the best I've seen of the 'aftermath' after an episode big on action. They did justify how Johan managed to come out with a sound explanation, if a little lacking in detail. Still, it's not too good to nitpick all the time.
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