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Originally Posted by Kinny Riddle View Post
Those of you who upon hearing Yoshida might die and gloated about her needing to die quickly need to cut her some slack. How would you feel being told to your face that you have no chance in a love triangle and so you're better off dead?

For the record, I can be counted as a Yuji x Shana shipper, but I do not dislike Yoshida.
I think you are taking it a bit too seriosuly here . They just mean they dont want the character to be here any more as it is anoying to them. So basically let her die. You cant really compare to reality here. still yeah it is harsh for them to say that ( iwont deny that ).

And yeah i am Yuji X shana suporter too but still dont want Yushida-san to die eaither ( like you). She should be there for the romance element of the shana series to work ( well at least the end of the whole series). She is an essential component to shana series, well because shana is halfy a romance anime.
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