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The real issue here is that people are only thinking of Kazumi here as a stalker of Yuji and nothing else. i think she is thinking about deeper things than that. This is a harsh world she is living in, so beyond some surface thoughts she might be thinking about some other important things.

Wanting more strength in order to survive - She has seen time and again exactly what these Tomogara can do and its not at all surprising that she would want more power, not to just be by Sakai-kun's side, but because she would rather not be like every other human who can be wiped out at any moment. Seriously, after seeing the battle in 15, I would want more than just an artifact where I can sacrifice myself just for a summon.

I think someone said that maybe the hougu Pheles gave her was a test for her to gain new powers, and that would be great. If not, this was pretty much the biggest slap in the face ever.
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