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so if deen know that they cannot make money form F/SN. why they still make it? plus where do you get this information?
Depending on the project, you can find the production committee info in the ending credits (for Unlimited Blade Works, the members are Geneon Universal, TBS, Frontier Works, Notes, Krei, and Clockworks). Those are the investors who stand to make money on a show/movie.

As for why Deen makes anime with no royalties, that's the traditional financing model. Most studios have little money on hand (banks don't lend), so they've usually relied on fixed production fees. The financiers (often a broadcaster before) provide a fixed sum, and they deliver the product on the agreed schedule.

However, with TV anime on the decline, the money provided by broadcasters/sponsors has drastically decreased, so studios are forced to make up the difference out of their pockets if they want to stay in business. Productions houses with extra money (and who are willing to risk it) have started investing in the shows themselves, so they take a significant loss on production on the chance that the anime might succeed and earn them a cut.

Deen is simply maintaining the traditional model (lower risk, low rewards), which also forces them into a quantity over quality strategy. They have a large staff, and to keep the cash flowing, they depend on a large number of contracts for those minuscule production fees.

Nevertheless, they do invest in the odd project they actually care about, such as Simoun. I think the president is also creating an anime in his late wife's memory. The rest is just contract work so everyone can pay the bills.
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