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Now we're back in my groove. I can always appreciate a good commentary on otaku culture, set in the nerd mecca of Akiba. (Featuring the nerd mecha of Akiba.) So the sisterly bonding resulted in a loss of innocence and loss of money from all parties, but I enjoyed watching it. While the revelation that fans can bitterly fight even if they're into the same thing (see for example: this thread) is hardly a new one, it was carried off well enough, I thought. I kinda miss the bleeping out of official show names from the first season - the censorship made it funnier, I thought - but the show moving forward in time has allowed some more contemporary references, such as Madoka. (Technically, she didn't die at the end, but it's something close to it... that'd just be arguing semantics.)

That scene at the beginning of the episode with Ruri talking to the birds about something - who is she supposed to be, Mea Kurosaki? Technically, she is, but the mystery of what exactly Ruri's doing here has thickened. Quite enjoyed this one, looking forward to what happens next.
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