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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
I'm not gonna argue on this, since it'd involve spoilers.

Let me just say Alibaba's ideal is not a caste system, and the foundation of this world and Magi are lot more... fantastic than you may think.
It's far in the realm of fantasy than conventional medeval setting.

Think... Tweleve Kingdoms level.
(In fact, Magi "borrows" undeniably large influence from that popular novel series. I'm just itching for an interviewer to bring it up to Ohtaka somtime.)
it's not too hard to find spoilers on internet. 12 kingdom also has social stratification as one of its can't get around it. not too many have the caste system as an ideal situation. however, no one really is going to dismantle something this ingrained. if the anime gets to a point that Morgiana marries
Alibaba then, we'll have the answer. Right now, i'll just agree to disagree.
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