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Originally Posted by Shinji103
I know that. I mean, "in what way do you mean?". As in does he hope Seabook doesn't steal the screen, does he hope there aren't too many new characters, what?

As far as other info regarding this manga, at the moment all the current info is what's been posted at Gunota and in the first post of this thread.
Well, I've never read Crossbone(although I desperatly want to, but I can't find any links to a download[if anyone knows any seeded torrents for Crossbone, could they please PM me?), but I just don't want them to destroy the story, plot device everything, and super power everyone under 18.

Also, about Gundam Wing, the MS are built to be near invincible. Unlike in GS and GSD, the Gundams in wing were built to be one unit armies. The Gundams in GS/D were meant to be high performance, but after Freedom, they became battlefield overlords(kind of like in Wing, but not as well done).
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