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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
I didn't even think about sexism, since it isn't like Asuna can't do anything (I personally am not in that group of people thinking that Asuna is a mere damsell in distress in ALO, so no mysoginist setup perspective for me).
Any time she tries to do something, the author slaps her down, humiliates her and returns her to being an object. Even if you don't think that makes her a pure damsel in distress, it's still pretty bad.

What actually doesn't work here is how the author had to slap a fetish in such manner with absolutely no regards of actual logic with his own setup, similarly how he had to pull a "non blood related sister that falls in love with the protagonist", but in a far more dubious and crude manner. That's about it.
Certainly it's bad writing, but beyond that the fetish itself is offensive on a level far beyond ordinary fanservice.
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