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Both websites have been updated with entrance exams into the respective Haruhi brigades. The 2nd website is no longer static.
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sorry but can someone make translation from both websites
I've posted about this in the Spoilers and Speculation thread as it involves a lot of spoilers and speculation as to what the next two novels will be about given the questions on the SOS Brigade version. I felt it would better fit in that thread considering the depth of the quiz compared to the available English publications. The questions/requirements are translated. Free free to try your best at the North High Entrance Examination.

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Countdown timers? And static?
It's counting down until midnight on May 25th in Japan as that's the first time anyone can purchase the first press edition of the novels. Previously the beta website had static in place of the information (besides the FAQ) but now the website shows the information almost exactly the same (the North High/SOS Brigade examinations) with "corrupted" data instead.

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