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I haven't caught up to the magazine spoilers and I was wondering if I should click on your thingy when I realised phew, it was in tankoubon 7. (Which was released in February and I think I got it not long after.) That reminds me... *checks* No release date for tankoubon 8 yet Damn.

But yes, there are certain events in volume 7 which are quite exciting and lead me to wonder if the story might start piecing together more bits like that as Ginko journies along... although on the other hand some people might not like it, I dunno. Angsty side character and all that (alright, I'll shut up now).

I wonder if I should kick up ***ny like I have always been saying I will, and find the magazine scans of the chapters after vol 7. Maybe I'm still too lazy... but seeing frustra's banner up there reminds me of Ginko and then I feel like I want to at the same time. Maybe in a few days the effect would grate into my head and I'll go "Damn! I want to read more Mushishi!", look for mag scans, reread volumse 1-7 and then go and read those and write a long convoluted post here like always.
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