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in the anime, there are many big worlds line, and those big worlds line contain many small world line and all of those small world line will lead to the same result of that big world line. and to travel from a big world line to another, Okarin must send a d-mail that change the future of the whole world. when Okarin send the d-mail to daru, which send okarin from the beta world line to the alpha one where SERN caught the D-mail and realized that it were send from the future, then later kidnap the lab member, learn how to time and rule the world. the mail itself didn't cause the time machine to crash into the radio building but it was an event that bound to happen in the alpha world line. the reason why "Rukako turned himself into a girl by telling his mum to eat veggies, Okarin telling himself to follow Suzuha instead of letting her go" didn't make okarin transfer from one big world line to another because the change is too small, not big enough to change the future of the whole world while the d-mail that okarin send to daru did.


the reason why okarin must fake kurisu death in the first place was to make his past self to send the d-mail to daru and create the alpha world line thus make his past self travel there, the creation of the alpha world line was bound to happen in the beta.
Thanks for your answers, you have gave me some ideas but i still have doubts. For your answer to my 1st question, yes i understand this whole Attractor Field theory about how there will always be a event happening no matter what. However, a time machine crashing into the radio building wasn't an event that will ALWAYS happen in the alpha line. The event that will always happen in Alpha line was completion of a SERN Time machine which results in a Dystopia. Sending a D-mail does cause a change in divergence number, however, it will only cause a change in divergence number IF the receiver of the D-mail takes action regarding what was in the D-Mail. So Daru got a D-mail saying Makise Kurisu will be stabbed...........and somehow his actions managed to cause a time machine to crash into the radio building? Sounds weird to me or either its the Butterfly effect at work.

For your answer to my 3rd question, yes, when past Okabe sees a Dead Makise Kurisu (Whom isnt dead because the present okabe faked her death), he is going to whip out his phone and send a email to Daru saying Makise Kurisu was stabbed. However, she didnt get stabbed because the present Okabe faked her death, so therefore the D-mail wont have any effect which means the past Okabe wont have to repeat those 3 weeks in the Alpha line. Thats where i dont get why the present Okabe said "Its going to be the harshest 3 weeks of your life", when really, he isnt going to experience those 3 weeks. And the creation of the Alpha line in the Beta line wasnt "Bound" to happen, it was WWIII that was bound to happen in the Beta Line by convergence. Well i guess you can say it was bound to happen because it was the choice of Steins Gate
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