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Originally Posted by Kimidori View Post
i couldn't find find any episode that the time machine wasn't crashed on the radio building

the thing is that whether kurisu really die or not, okabe just need to send a D-mail about she being stabbed and he will be sent from beta to alpha line where SERN catch it, control time and rule the world. only daru from the alpha line will get the D-mail and kurisu was never stabbed in the alpha line

Sorry, for my first answer i should have made it more clearer. Now in this SG Guideline i have with me, it tells me what happens DEFINATELY in these worldlines. There is nothing about a time machine that WILL definately crash in the radio building in the Alpha line section. All it says is a Sern Dystopia will occur and some deaths of main characters will occur and blah blah blah. And like how i have explained about the D-Mail effects earlier on, i just dont see how Daru's actions (when he received the d-mail) could have got suzuha in a time machine and crashed it into the Radio building. It seems illogical because Daru never knew Suzuha before then. Yes i know there wasnt an episode where the Satellite didnt crash, but the question i asked originally was something more of explaining a condradiction in logic. Simply put, my question is: How could Daru get Suzuha in a Timemachine to be crashed into the Radio Building whilst knowing that Makise Kurisu is going to be stabbed from the DMAIL

As for the 3rd quesiton, i guess i should give up, lets just leave it as the choice of steins gate xD
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