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Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
In similar news, they updated the musical's website. Now it has vocal and song samples:
Sakura and Sonia sound on POINT. Daryl...didn't sound as good as I thought she would, but that could be because she sounds a little winded (probably doing choreographed numbers on stage). I'll listen to the rest of them tomorrow, when I get the chance.

Originally Posted by Tak View Post
Well, I am definitely buying the game, even if its just for the soundtrack, which I am sure will be excellent.
As for the soundtrack, this Haruka Chigusa girl sounds great. No wonder she won Miss Macross 30. I don't have a PS3, but I'll buy a super slim just to import this game. The only Macross game I currently own is Ultimate Frontier for PSP.

I really hope its not another combat simulator (I have so much of those already), but I wouldn't mind if done well.
I honestly wouldn't mind another combat sim, as long as:

A) Its made by Artdink again
C) They make the VF-30 exclusively for the game (with future series using numbers higher than VF-30)

Though if I was being COMPLETELY honest with myself, the perfect Macross game would be a Mass Effect styled game with original characters and idol love interests for both male and female players and an interactive story you get to shape.
- Instead of Mass Effect's gunfighting missions, we would get Valkyrie combat to break up the talking and lore digging. Would be loads of loads of fun.
- All currently known VFs should be unlockable in said game with at least one game exclusive one. Extensive customization of your VF should be possible, and there should be a free flight mode where you can just fly around as much as you like as well as leave the atmosphere if you're so inclined.
- Last but not least, there should be a split idol/pilot campaign with each one being at least a 20 hour campaign. That way players who want to influence things as an idol can do that and players who want to be pilots can do that too.
- Oh and simple multiplayer, even if its only co-op. Though I would love to see how a team other than Artdink would handle competitive Macross multiplayer that has depth, skill, and is loads of fun...Maybe Artdink could do the campaign gameplay and Project Aces could do the multiplayer?

Now this is interesting... Nora, Shinn & D.D. walking side by side...

- Tak
I can never get over how Nora's face only matches her voice when her helmet is on. When she takes it off I just squeee. She's adorable!
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