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The problem I have with past action games featuring Macross and/or others like Another Century Episode, Gundam Senki etc, is the overall feeling. It doesn't feel like a war, since most of the time you end up being the only pilot doing anything worth a damn. While the PsP MF games gave you the options to interact with your wingman and even improve your relationship with them, their efficiency in combat doesn't even amount to 5% of your effort. Even though in just about all Macross series, you actually have thousands of Valkyries sortie during battles. In the game, its just you and your worthless wingman.

I'd also like a bit of strategic addition to the game. Maybe allowing you, the player, to have more freedom to decide what type of squadrons you'd like to deploy to battle and what pilots to take with you. I really wish for the day when they release a game that allows you to have total control of the Macross Quarter, including its production capabilities.
You mean like a Macross RTS? You get to control the Macross Quarter and produce Valkyries and Destroids? Hmm, that would certainly be interesting.

I'd like a Macross Tactics game in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance too. (I feel Advance is better made and more balanced than the original PS one)

Nora is hot. Too bad her presence was short lived

- Tak
Yeah, though at least it was a lot more merciful than other antagonists have died.
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