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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Kogami is the good kind of bad ass.

Spoiler for Kogami moment of bad ass from latest episode:

On the other hand, he shows warmth (to Akane, and even a bit to Gino) and just the right amount of professionalism. He's a bad ass with a heart and style.

And yeah, like Kaioshin said, it helps that he has great detective skills.
This. Such an awesome character.

Originally Posted by wandering-dreamer View Post
That's what I expected as well (especially considering she shot him with a super taser in the very first episode ) so it's rather nice to see he's not actually that cold.
Could not agree more with both of you. I was so glad that he turned out to be awesome like that.

Also, while he's generally more serious than Spike, he sure does have his moments, like I believe ep 13 or so where he tells the group how he got out of the infirmary early and then takes it back as a joke , and a number of other times spread throughout various eps.

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