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I really like the show's depiction of what an Orwell society looks like. Everything is nice and perfect on the surface only because most people has been indoctrinated to act like sheeps.

When the old man starts to go crazy. the other people decides to just cower in fear and listen to all his orders. He only has a baton, none of the younger men even thought of just overpowering him.

When one of the workers had a nail gun and thought to use it on the old men to put and end to the madness, The cop lady uttered the dumbest statist thing ever "don't use it, I will save everyone"!!. Seriously, you are tied up half naked. people are dying while you are still helpless and you stop the one guy who could easily put an end to all this and telling him essentially to wait for the police, because "only the police can help save people".

I seriously hope that this Utopian society of theirs finally collapse this season.
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